Anna Mann is currently a history major at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and is thoroughly enthralled with it. She also holds a degree in film and video production from Cape Fear Community College and hopes one day to marry the two disciplines. She is the founder of the Carolina Pine Music Festival, the predecessor of Carolina Pines Fest, and runs Alt-Zalea Fest, a yearly volunteer music festival that celebrates local artists in Wilmington, NC. Anna’s musical interests began with listening to late night jam sessions at parties held by family friends and ever since she’s been infatuated with the magic of live music.


Kathy Lindenmayer works as a fundraising consultant within the national field of arts and culture philanthropy and currently volunteers as an advisor to Support The Port Foundation, Inc. and Arts Friendly Foundation. Named one of Seattle City Arts Magazine's 50 inaugural "Culture Makers," Kathy has organized visual arts and music events including an exhibition of international sound art and co-produces the annual Seattle Rock Lottery, benefiting arts and music education organizations. Because she is fortunate to know incredibly interesting people as well as one marimba-playing robot, Kathy has lucked into bizarre opportunities including being the cover model on a Fifty Shades of Gray zombie parody novel, featured with a family recipe in Country Living Magazine, and acting as an extra in the Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman reunion movie. Her proudest random endeavor to date was delivering a public lecture on the intersection of professional wrestling and philanthropy.


Local jazz and blues musician and small business cheerleader Callan Trippe has developed a passion not only for local music but the beautiful world of local beer. She is the lead vocalist of Dirty White Rags and a passionate lover of animals, particularly street cats. As Carolina Pines' resident expert on food trucks, beer, and wine, she is excited to contribute to more and better music, art, food, and beverages by and for the Wilmington community.


Hope Sutton has been connected to the Wilmington nature, arts, and sustainability communities for nearly 30 years. She has participated in small festivals elsewhere as a participant, volunteer, and staff member for many years and is looking forward to offering the Cape Fear community a new festival experience. Hope believes that all human beings need opportunities for creative expression and celebration and that festivals can provide these opportunities. A fan of live music, dancing, drumming, circus arts, anything handmade, and everything fantastical, Hope plans to bring her eclectic background, varied skill set, and broad network of connections into play to help Carolina Pines Fest become a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole community.

Do you have a unique skill set that you think could benefit CPF? Contact us to talk about how you might get involved.